Procurience™ Supply Chain Management

Are you seeking reports to help you make better decisions?
Reporting Dashboards

Procurience Reporting introduces a user-friendly dashboard interface that allows for at-a-glance access to numerous graphic reports with real-time data. By using this intuitive feature, you can develop a customized dashboard for quick insights to manage against goals and requirements.

Reports & Features

Standard reporting options include diverse vs. non-diverse suppliers, suppliers by demographic (size, revenue, business category, certification, location, etc.), Tier I and Tier II Spend, Growth, Top Performers and much more! 


Procurience provides a streamlined supplier registration and onboarding process with an engaging and efficient user interface.

Multi-Tier Spend

There has never been an easier means to analyze, track and manage Tier I and Tier II diverse and non-diverse spend data.
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