Breakthrough Supplier Management

Uniquely Improving the Procurement Experience for Buyers and Suppliers

Comprehensive supply chain software platform for Buyers, Suppliers, and Supplier Diversity Professionals to meet their needs, goals, and objectives.

The Procurience

The Procurience Platform is an integrated solution that assists our Clients to have a coordinated, collaborative, and cooperative supply chain. Procurience allows for Client ownership of the data, in-depth supplier search capabilities, supplier spend reporting, robust data analysis and much, much more.

✔ Workforce Management

✔ Contract Management

✔ Risk Management

✔ Event Management

✔ Vendor Relationship

gg Management

✔ Supplier Registration

✔ Data Enrichment

✔ Multi-Tier Reporting

✔ Economic Impact

✔ Business Analytics &

gg Business Intelligence


Procurience Insights provides business analytics, business intelligence, data enrichment, data analysis and reports including. Where are there opportunities within your organization/supply chain?

Supplier Diversity Consulting
We empower our Clients to create supplier diversity strategies to attract and retain the best Suppliers to assist their organizations to increase products, spend and cost savings.
Strategic Supplier Sourcing
By leveraging our network across the US, we have the capability to assist you in finding suppliers that are and are not identified in national databases.
Streamline Your Supply Chain

Get in touch with our team to have a coordinated, collaborative, and cooperative supply chain.