Procurience Consulting

Discover. Define. Develop. Deliver.

Our Approach

At Procurience Consulting, we empower our Clients to create supplier diversity strategies to attract and retain the best Suppliers to assist their organizations to increase products, spend and cost savings. 

Our Methodology

Assess Current State

Communicate the Case

Develop Vision Strategy

Create a Better Solution

Empower Action

Get Quick Wins

Leverage Wins

Embed in Culture

Supplier Diversity Consulting
Are you looking for niche and/or specific diverse suppliers?
Strategic Supplier Sourcing
Do you have a robust program? Do you need help with strategy and enhancing your current efforts?
Supplier Management
Do you have what you want to manage your suppliers?
Where are the opportunities within your organization?
Breakthrough Today

Our consulting methodologies has and continues to produce desired and expected results.