Procurience™ Supply Chain Management

Streamline your reporting process with the click of a button.
Reporting Dashboards

Procurience Reporting introduces a user-friendly dashboard interface that allows for at-a-glance access to over 20 graphic reports with real-time data. Through this intuitive feature, your data is laid out for quick insights to manage against goals and requirements.   

Reports & Features

Utilizing additional reporting features, you can also manage data within your Company Database or the entire Procurience Database. Download reports to measure, track and communicate information about your Company specific metrics. Standard reporting options include diverse vs. non-diverse suppliers, suppliers by demographic (size, revenue, business category, certification, location, etc.), Tier I and Tier II Spend, Growth, Top Performers and much more! 

BI + Data Analytics

Gain in depth visibility by examining your historic and current data to identify trends, and patterns.

Data Enrichment

Enhance, update and refine your current supplier data with Procurience’s Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment services.
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